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Sylvia Javén (b. 1988 Finland) is an artist living and working in Vasa and Helsinki, Finland. Her work often uses the landscape and her own presence to communicate topics of survival and personal journeys, She moves between the media of painting, video, performance and installation in her practice with a focus on poetic, minimalistic storytelling. She makes use of natural elements in a documentary style but her stories always keep an element of the surreal. She has exhibited her works in Finland and internationally in Sweden, Russia, Germany, Denmark, UK in various filmfestivals and art exhibitions. 





BA in Fine Arts

2007-2011 Novia University of Applied Sciences, Nykarleby Finland


Visual artisan

2004-2007 Swedish Vocational Institute (now: Vocational College of Ostrobothnia), Nykarleby Finland  



2018- towards an MA in art education Aalto University, Finland

2015 60 sp towards a MFA in fine art, Valand Academy, Gothenburg University, Sweden



Solo and duo exhibitions


2023 - Souvenir Box, Galleria Ronga, Tampere, Fi

2022 - Storyteller, with Ustina Yakovelva, Anna Nova gallery, St Petersburg

2021 - Hundratals hav, Black Wall Gallery, Vasa Finland

2021 - Livsfarliga öar och berg, After Eight, Jakobstad Finland

2018 - Paintings, Raawka, Vasa Finland

2017 - Landskap, Stundars Museum, Solf, Finland

2014 - "Did I tell you about the..."  with Cora Wöllenstein, Bothnia Biennale. Konsthallen, Vasa, Finland

2010 - Syster Yster After Eight, Jakobstad, Finland

2009 - Kulturskafferiet Ritz, Vasa, Finland

2009 - Library of Jakobstad, Finland

2007 - Min värld av drömmar, Rådhusgallery Nykarleby, Finland

2006 - Tid, Library of Mariehamn, Aland Islands Finland


2023 - Runo biannual - From Earth to heaven, Porvoo, Finland

2023 - Kontakti, Pohjanmaan Museum, Vaasa, Finland

2023 - Ystävyys, Galleria K, Vantaa, Fi

2022 - Sedan reste jag mig, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki Fi

2021 - Taidemaalariliiton teosvälitys, Kaapeli, Helsinki, Finland

2020 - RED, Black Wall gallery, Finland

2020 - Kulturhuset i Korsholm, Finland

2020 - Entangled, Homegallery 13, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2019 - Ung konst i Österbotten, Vasa Konsthall, Finland

2018 - Humlefestivalen, Finland

2017 - Seinäjoki Art & Design week, Finland

2016 - Symbios, Tobaksmagasinet Jakobstad, Finland

2015 - Can you dig it? Vasagatan33, Göteborg Sweden

2015 - Homeland, Västerbottens Museum, Umeå Sweden

2014 - Homeland, Kuntsi Museum of modern art, Vasa, Finland

2014 - Landskapa, Bristol Biennial, UK

2014 - Moscow international Biennale for young art, Russia

2014 - Springhouse, Tannenstr 2, Dresden Germany

2013 - 3 painters, Kulturskafferiet Ritz, vasa, Finland

2013 - Springhouse, Haus h, Dresden Germany

2012 - Al Dente II – Secondi Piatti, Elverket, Ekenäs, Finland

2012 - The Infamous Outpost, with Flux Factory (NY, USA)Spanien 19C, Denmark

2011 - International reichswald research, Kreis gallery, Nürnberg, Germany

2011 - Blaue Nacht, Nürnberg, Germany

2011 - Al dente, Österbottens museum, Vasa, Finland

2011 - Present, Lucerne, Galerie Erfrischungsraum, Switzerland

2010 - Documentary exhibition of the international art symphosium Kreis Im Wald Nurnberg, Germany

2010 - När jag blir stor, Tobaksmagasinet, Jakobstad Finland

2008 - G18, Helsinki, Finland

Screenings and performance

2019 - Screening "Why look at animals" Parallell program at Fiskars Biennale, Finland

2018 - Screening, October Filmfest, Vasa Finland

2018 - Screening. The GoldenThread gallery, Belfast Northern Ireland

2017 - Aland action art, performance with Ursula Sepponen Emmausfestivalen, Åland

2014 - Screening.The GoldenThread Gallery, Belfast Northern Ireland


2023 - Virtual stories, residency at Svenska Teatern, Helsinki Fi

2020 - Kronstadt residency, NCCA, Saint Petersburg Russia

2014 - Digital Arts Studios, Belfast Northern Ireland

2013 - Residency in Berlin, Germany, by Centret för konstfrämjande, Österbottens regionalbyrå, Finland.

2012  - Residency with artist collective Flux Factory from New York in Aarhus Denmark

2012 - Culturia, Berlin Germany 


Artworks in collections

- National Center for Contemporary Arts in Moscow, Russia

- Private collections

- Central Hospital of Keski-Pohjanmaa, Kokkola, Finland


Prize, grant

2021 Project grant, Svensk-Österbottniska Samfundet

2021 Project grant, Svenska Kulturfonden

2020 1 year working grant, Svenska Kulturfonden, Finland

2019  Project grant, Svenska Kulturfonden, Finland

2016 1 year working grant, Svenska Kulturfonden, Finland

2015 Travel grant, Arnulfska stipendiefonden, Sweden

2014 Project grant, Svenska Kulturfonden, Finland

2013 1 year working grant, Svenska Kulturfonden, Finland

2009 Lennart Svanbäcks stipendium, Jakobstad, Finland

2012 The Arvid Mörne Prize in poetry, 2nd prize


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