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Installation with lace and fabric 9x4 meters

Moscow Biennale for young art 2014, Russia



A thin white wall of lace is hanging in the air, a semi-transparent surface made up from myriad fabrics and threads. A floating wall.

The letters SOMEONE ELSE appear in the artwork. If the viewer walks up close she will see a lot of small YOU inside the letters. 


The problem with solving conflicts or changing the world for the better often comes down to that we think someone else should fix things. Someone more brave, rich or powerful than ourselves. But we can't always blame society, because we are society. Change start with you and me. I am responsible for both what I do and what I choose not to do. 

We live in a time when we have access to all kind of news from everywhere in the world, we know what is going on. But thinking it only concerns someone else, not us, is a dangerous set of mind.

Trough this artwork I want to highlight and encourage personal involvement.

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