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"Did I tell you about the summer I was riding a motorbike with a cowboy?"


Collaboration with Cora Wöllenstein, Germany. Konsthallen, Vasa, Finland

Bothnia Biennale 2014


Audio visual performance during two weeks.


This project has been about the many layers of storytelling, about space and presence, and most of all, two different artists way of working trough this together. How to tell a good story? and how to communicate it, how to interpret it and how to retell it trough a visual media?

How accurate is memory, and how distorted will the story be passing trough someone elses imagination, hand and artistic expression? 


We found that to every good story there is an element of risk involved, something has to happen, otherwise there is simply nothing to tell.

Starting out with empty walls, opening the gallery doors and invite the public to see: a process, is a great risk for an artist. 

Anything can happen, or worse, not happen. The creative process in the gallery have been a story in itself, from day one to the last day where we took a step back and invited the public into the gallery with their scissors to cut out pieces they liked to take home. 

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