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Duo exhibition with Ustina Yakovleva at Anna Nova Gallery in St Petersburg 2022

Glass, coal, stones, sea shells, pearls, textile, acrylic paint, wood, marble.

Me and Ustina met in the art residency at Kronstadt, an island outside st Petersburg in 2020. Together we explored the island, lived the silent off-season January life by the ocean. The exhibition is telling the story about the friendship of two artists, the love for material and collecting, symbol making and storytelling.



This is the experience of the island, as well as the traveler's state of mind, carrying all places as a memory with you, keeping them alive through storytelling and objects. Through fabric, glass, found treasures and stones, a poetic tale of being guests in the landscape.


Each shell is different, each day, each spring, even ourselves appear different from day to day. Everything is changeable, while we look for symbols of arriving, becoming. Only the glass gets to be frozen in time, and yet when you look close even the reflections are alive, dancing around its fixed shape.

By the ocean the wind finds its way in, underneath my clothes, my skin, touching bare bones.

Kilometers of land are turning into muscles and bruises

I am windswept, everything is, the colors washed out by saltwater

Slowly my own color is adapting to this place. I have seen it happen before, like a tree I carry rings inside me of different places.

Pictures by Anna Nova gallery

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