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Group exhibition in Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki

May 2022

The publication can be viewed >here<

Participating artists

Carina Ahlskog (fi)

Cora Wöllenstein (De)

Sylvia Javén (fi)

Ustina Yakovleva (Rus)

Concept and curator

Sylvia Javén (fi)

The exhibition with the title “Sedan reste jag mig”, is a Swedish wordplay being understood as “Then I rose up”, the word "reste" also meaning "traveled".

After the pandemic, the meaning of movement seemed to have shifted. The artists were invited with the question: What does it mean to rise up, to travel, to move your body, where is your home, where are you going?

Another aim of the exhibition was to activate the exhibition space. There was the rhythmic schedule of the dance performances in Carina Ahlskogs installation taking place, as well as the artists being present for four days where the audience was invited to take part via workshops and discussions.

The publication

can be ordered as a book or pdf:




Cora Wöllenstein exhibited the serie "The palace inside of me" and the pantings "Her majesty left the room" and "The great duel"

Ustina Yakovleva exhibited her textile work "Winter. Chakola" from her seriers Northern Forests and a series of embroidered photographs from various landscapes she has traveled through.

Carina Ahlskog exhibited "UPS and DOWNS", a dance performance with five dancers in collaboration with Alpo Aaltokoski dance Company

Sylvia Javén, exhibited an installation in twelve pieces, "Every place I ever see will continue a life of its own".


The aim of the workshops was to activate the exhibition space, to meet and interact with the audience via discussions and creating together. The artists held workshops connected to their materials or artworks. The audience was invited to take part in the workshop and create their own artwork responding to the theme. Three workshops were held: Carina Ahlskog invited a group to take part in a movement workshop, Cora Wöllenstein held a sculpture workshop with clay, and Ustina Yakovleva invited a group to try her technique of embroidering on printed images.


The exhibition was supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, Svensk österbottniska samfundet and Nygréns stiftelse.

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