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Solo exhibition at Stundars Museum, Solf Finland 2017

Fabric, paint, plexiglass, stones, paper, poetry

Visiting the same place at different times, seeing the story unfolding itself in multiple layers. How to paint that map?


I returned and lived this landscape during several years. I know every forest, corner, stone and building.

I climb the watchtower at the shore for the same reason I do art, for a change of perspective. 5 meters above ground and I see you in a kayak out on the water. In the snow, on land, running, swimming, drowning. Different times, different people. How can this place be the same when it exist in so many variations inside me already?

There are no places left without ghosts and voices. It is time to leave and I want to gift a farewell, all this and more can not pass unnoticed.

So I paint my map and I sculpt with the painting. In the exhibition my land is slowly moving in the warm air of a fen, weightless, see-through. Accompanied by paintings of watchtowers and stones. The words are fragments of relationships attached to this place.


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