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Fragments of what if


Video installation with three channel video, 5 min. Exhibited at HOMELAND, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art in Vasa Finland and Västerbottens Museum in Umeå, Sweden 2014-2015



The group exhibition Homeland was dealing with questions and theories about what homeland is, the starting point was the opposite land areas of Västerbotten and Österbotten in Finland and Sweden.

My installation took the form of a fragmentary, bursted apart house, made in traditional materials of lace and wood. In the video the Ostrobothnian nature is used as a symbolic language. Men and women are disappearing in to the landscape, appearing out of it, they are fighting the landscape. It is a fight about surviving both the actual environment and the inner personal landscape. How to handle the threat of what if. The traditional, the present and the future collide in the installation.


Curated by Catherine Bourne and Norah Nelson

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