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Installation and video at Seinäjoki Art & Design week, Finland 2017

The installation Marble was placed in a closed space at a street in the center of Seinäjoki. By day sculpted fabric, by night a moving art beast trapped inside its aquarium.

The video references to the skillfully sculpted draping in classical sculpture. The weight of marble and time itself is here translated into movement and light.  The stillness of the old art, created for a time when art meant something else and handcraft was everything, is translated into the contemporary in this piece.

I can relate to the love for the fabric but instead of the stillness of the stone I wanted to reach out a hand to touch, rearrange, see it come to life and conquer space through movement. My language is video and space and I want to bring movement to the stone.

The names and myths of the long gone Greek personas are getting lost in my translation, turning into my living and breathing friends in my studio.

Into the monument the video is projected, and so my perspective on the past collides with the contemporary. Keeping eye-contact with history for a fracture of a second.

From a safe distance is written on the wall. Not only art history is placed at a safe distance, the contemporary is experienced behind glass and screens.

A closed space in the center is windows belonging to the public space and the content of the room is thus safe to view. The passers-by lean on the window. Behind the screen the viewer own her experience 24/7.

Coming soon: video! stay tuned <3

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